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Boston Bootcamps Start in January 2009!
Boston Bootcamps
"Turning traditional Boston bootcamps on their head!"
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Boston Bootcamps! You can get started at any time and join the fun!
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What are Boston Bootcamps?

Boston Bootcamps are Stephen Cabral's remedy to traditional

Traditional outdoor bootcamps are designed to "break down" the
participant's body so that they feel like they just went through an actual
army-style bootcamp training regimen. The problem with that mentality is
that punishing your body is not the way to get great long-lasting results.

Ever spoken with someone who has attended a traditional bootcamp-
style, early morning session?I bet they went on to tell you about how
hard it was, and how sore they are...

Trust me when I tell you that waking up first thing in the morning and not
being properly warmed-up or loosened can lead to serious injuries which
will only set you back on your journey to fitness freedom. But there is an

Here's My Solution:

Cabral Conditioning Fit Camps are Born!

  • Anti-bootcamp mentality
  • Hard-work, but safe, injury free mentality
  • New, fun equipment (unlike typical body weight only bootcamps)
  • Limited number of clients
  • Maximum results
  • 2-3 sessions a week - your choice
  • Great community building atmosphere

Are you ready to start seeing great results while having some fun
at the same time!  
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* Limited to 6 people per
workout *
Tons of Fun!
Stephen Cabral combines
resistance workouts with
Fit Kickboxing with
YogaShaping and finishes
off your Cabral
Conditioning Camp with a
relaxing cool down
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Happy Client
Success Stories!
"I went from 207 lbs. to 186 lbs. in
just over four weeks! Not only did I
lose 21 lbs.,but my body fat went
from 24.9% to 13.7%. Thanks to
my new exercise routine, I n
longer have to take daily
medication for my high blood

- David, Boston MA

“Thank you for your patience and
help. It has worked! I feel much
better and have lost 15lbs, so I am
ready for next year. Happy New

- Meredith A.

“I lost 23 lbs. following Steve’s
exercise and nutrition program
that was designed specifically for
me. The best part is that after 14
years of smoking I finally quit!”

- Jorge G.        
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Cabral Conditioning (a.k.a. Boston Bootcamps)

Stephen Cabral has now combined his 4 types of Fit Life® Fusion
Training into a60-minute session offered 1-2x a week exclusively to 6
clients only offered at Stephen Cabral Studio.

What is Cabral Conditioning?

My philosophy on training directly influences how I design my
programs. I truly believe that each workout should increase the vitality
of the body and promote increased health, wellness, mood, and energy.

Here Are Some of the Benefits:

        Lose weight fast
        Drop inches in weeks
        Melt fat with each session
        Flatten cellulite and remove toxins
        Improve mood and confidence
        Increase energy from the inside out
        Tone every muscle in your body
        Learn how to carry healthy principles over into every aspect of
         your life

How Does It Work?

For 60 minutes each week I will take a select and limited number of
clients through an invigorating workout that spans 4 disciplines. These
4 categories of Fit Life training embrace all facets of achieving total
health and are tailored to any fitness level.

Cabral Conditioning Format (details below):

Phase 1: Active/Dynamic Warm-up + Resistance Training (15 minutes)

Phase 2: Fit Life Kickboxing® (15 minutes)

Phase 3: Yogashaping® (15 minutes)

Phase 4: Reshape-Restructure® (15 minutes)

Details: Cabral Conditioning Session Specifics

Phase 1: Active/Dynamic Warm-up + Resistance Training
(15 minutes)
The 1st 15 minutes warms the body up safely through a series of
integrated full body movements, which leads you into a fast & furious
fat burning workout.

Phase 2: Fit Life Kickboxing® (15 minutes)
This isn't Steven Segal meets Jackie Chan meets Chuck Norris…
instead I'll take you through real kickboxing techniques that will
skyrocket your confidence and your metabolism.

Phase 3: Yogashaping® (15 minutes)
I developed YogaShaping® over 7 years while living in Providence. I
stopped teaching these energy producing body weight movements
when I came to Boston, but now a select group of people will get to
experience the flexibility, cleansing breathing & power of these moves.

Phase 4: Reshape-Restructure® (15 minutes)
After 45 minutes of getting your heart and your body pumping we cool
things down with a combination of foam rolling and postural alignment
techniques. This is also the part of the session where I will present a
mini-seminar on the topics you want to hear about the most. It's a great
time for me to answer your personal questions and share my 11 years
and  11,397+ sessions worth of experience and in depth knowledge of
natural nutrition, health, goal achievement, weight loss, exercise, and
much more…

How Are the 6 People Selected?

I guess a better question might first be, why 6?

The reason is that the space and circuit stations are set up for 2
groups of 3. Therefore, I am limited to that number and I like to keep
this group smaller and more private so that everyone gets individual
attention and form correction. It's also a small enough number where I
can answer everyone's questions in our seminar portion and go over
the private articles I pass out.

The 6 people will be selected after I personally review all of the
applications that have been submitted.

I will be looking at why you should/would like to be apart of this private
coaching group. For example: What are your goals, what do you want
to get out of these coaching sessions, and are you looking to have fun
with 5 other people for one hour a week?

The private coaching club will run for 4 weeks and will meet 1-2x a
week. The cost of the program is $356 and covers all kickboxing &
yoga equipment and handouts (you don't need to buy boxing gloves or
a yoga mat unless you want your own).
* Exclusively Offered & Limited to 6 Clients Only *

To apply please fill out the online application
Space is limited and all 6 spots will sell out fast!